6 Reasons Your Cat is Mad at You

Your cat is mad at you and you have no idea why. You’ve fed her, you’ve watered her, you’ve patted and played… Why?!


I have come up with a list of reasons that you may not have considered. These are some of the many reasons that my cat gets in a huff, so give the below some thought and you may not need couple’s counselling.

 You’re asleep

You’ve been in bed all night, ignoring her. Rude.

It’s raining outside

She wants to go outside into her cat run to tease the dog, torment grasshoppers, stalk the birds… but her feet keep getting wet. This is your fault.

These curtains are butt-ugly, but at least I don’t live THERE.

There’s a man in the roof

You might have an electrical fault and need an electrician, but the cat does NOT like the thumping and rummaging noises coming from the ceiling. Her tail and back are twitching and she doesn’t know where to sit. This is your fault.


ugly chair2
Get that man out of my house.
ugly chair
Also, these green chairs are very ugly.


A baby is playing with her toys

What is it? Where did it come from? When is it leaving?

The last time a baby was over, my cat took all her toys away from the baby and put them in her toy box. She was not pleased with the strange creature.

This is MY box, kid.

There is a moth on the ceiling

She has gone to the effort of catching a moth (very hard to do as she is contained in a cat run) and brought it back inside. Not only has she brought it back inside, but very carefully so that it is still alive and well. She can now continue playing catch-the-moth until it is dead. But the moth has flown up onto the ceiling and the cat can’t reach it. This is your fault.


lily 4
Here’s a cup of care… oh it’s empty. Just ugly floor.


The fridge is one inch slightly out of place

The fridge is in an alcove (see below) and the cat walks in beside it on the left. She then storms out backwards, glares at you and meows very angrily.

She likes to walk around behind the fridge from one side to the other. BUT and electrician has fixed something behind the fridge and moved it back ever so slightly too far so that the cat can’t fit behind it.


One of us is a useless peasant. The other one is me.




The main lesson we can learn from this: everything is your fault.

Adopt one of these fussy creatures at The Ten Lives Cat Centre.


UPDATE: We have since moved the fridge forward again so that our cat can run around behind it.
And replaced
the curtains, chairs, flooring… actually we got a whole new kitchen. The cat is much happier.

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