A Completely Useless Guide To Raising Your Fosters.

Being a foster carer is hard work. Whether it’s kitties, dogs or succulents, there are many challenges carers have to face. Here are some of my tips (with adorable pictures) for how to look after your temporary furbabies and prepare them for their forever home.

Make sure they have a warm place to sleep. Each other is usually their preferred option.

2017-03-25 12.00.46

Let them take turns in choosing a bedtime story.


And always make sure the books are age appropriate.


If you’re going to play hide and seek, confine the game to one room. Otherwise you will never find them again.


Fashion is for wearing, not eating.


Be careful that they do not get stuck in your shoe rack.


Teach them a musical instrument.


Keyboard was probably a better idea.


Attend all their sporting events.


Teach them a healthy lifestyle.


No gym selfies.


Perhaps take up yoga or drinking. They will break everything you own.


Faeries are friends, not food.


As challenging as foster caring can be, the hardest part is saying goodbye.

Goodbye Melody and Balty. I’m glad I could be a part of your story.

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