Mary and the Piglet

A poem by me.

Original drawings by Emma Skalicky

Two friends went to the market, one sunny Sunday morning.

Their names Mary and Freddie, happily talking and exploring.

They came across a farmer, selling one piglet all alone.

“Where are his friends?” asked Mary, “Have they all gone home?”

“I’m afraid I have to sell him” the farmer said sadly,

“I would like to keep him, but I need the money quite badly.”

“If no one buys him today, to the factory I will have to sell.”

“I don’t want to do that, they don’t treat their pigs well.”

Freddie saw the look in Mary’s eyes and started to worry.

“I’m sorry Mary,” he said, “But you don’t have the money.”

Mary simply smiled and took the farmer’s hand.

“Don’t be sad.” she said, “There’s always hope, you understand.”


Mary set off with a mission in her heart.

There was work to be done and she would certainly do her part.

She approached a stand that sold toys, balloons and laces.

“Do you have work for me this morning? I can paint faces.”

Mary spent the morning painting children’s faces galore.

The store owner paid her well, but she still needed more.

Freddie finally found her, “Did you know pigs grow substantially?”

She replied with a wink, “You can build a pen, right near my balcony.”

Mary spied a shop that sold beautiful pre-loved clothes.

She touched the silk scarf around her neck, they might want one of those.

She sold her silk scarf for a very good price.

But still her earnings would not quite suffice.

With a glint in the sun, she remembered the silver bracelet she had on.

It was a gift from an ex-gentleman friend, but it was time to move on.

A market jeweler bought her bracelet and she had almost earned enough.

But Mary had run out of ideas. This mission was getting tough.

Freddie didn’t much like pigs, but he cared very much for his friend.

He felt for his wallet. This would be alright in the end.

He handed Mary the money, “Don’t expect a Christmas present.”

“I can’t thank you enough.” Mary said, “You are always very pleasant.”

When Mary and Freddie found the farmer, he was overcome with joy.

“My name is Brian.” He said, “But have you got a name for your piglet boy?”

“I like the name Chester.” Said Mary, hugging her new pet.

Mary and Freddie said goodbye and left the Market as the sun set.

As they walked home, a truck from the factory drove by.

It was filled with sad and unhappy pigs. Mary started to cry.

“All my work didn’t matter, now I can see.”

“Wrong.” Said the piglet, “It mattered to me.”


Chester’s story didn’t go unnoticed and soon everybody knew.

They were touched by this tale and wondered, “What can I do?”

Mary went to the market two weeks later with Chester on a lead.

What she saw warmed her heart. It was a nice surprise indeed.

All the market stores wore signs that told “cruelty free”.

These cheerful signs were accompanied with pictures of a piggy.

The farmer saw Mary and called to her, pointing to the sign.

“No one deals with the factory anymore. All the animals will be fine.”


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