White Horses From The Sea

When I was really young, probably only three,
My Grandfather told me of white horses living in the sea.

I was at my grandparent’s place, a very long time ago. 
I remember Poppy sitting with me right by the window.
He pointed to the white caps where the water rocks and raves.
“Those are white horses,” he said, “you can see them in the waves.”
I really thought I saw them, galloping through the swell.
I could see their white manes, I was enchanted by their spell.
But I am much older now and for years I stopped believing,
That is until the other day, when my Grandmother was grieving.

About a year ago, my Poppy passed away.
I still visit my Grandmother and we miss him every day.
One evening I stayed over night when she was feeling upset.
I woke up early the next morning, drenched in my own sweat.
I went to the kitchen window to cool down in the sunrise.
What I saw in the rough water really took me by surprise.

Photo by James Hunt

I knew I must be tired because I thought I saw a mane. 
I blinked a few times but there it was again!
Curiosity got the better of me so I quickly ran outside.
I hurried down to the beach where I saw that it was high tide. 
I had never noticed before that the sound of waves breaking 
Sounded just like galloping horses when the ground itself is shaking.
The waves were getting bigger, each one broke with more force.
My eyes were playing tricks on me because I thought I saw a horse.
I stepped into the water as the biggest wave started to collapse.
When I wiped the sea-spray from my eyes, there were no longer any white caps.

Photo by James Hunt

The sea had become completely still except for one very peculiar thing.
A white horse stood before me looking as gallant as a king.
I was not afraid and I knew what I must to do.
I climbed upon its back. Could the stories really be true?
The horse turned away from the shore and started to trot.
We were headed into the water whether I was ready or not.
The water got deeper and deeper and soon we were underneath.
Somehow, with some magic, I found that I could breathe.
The water was crystal clear. It shimmered with greens and blues.
The sun broke through the surface in colours golden and chartreuse. 
We passed by smiling schools of fish that were playing in the sun. 
Green sea turtles waved hello and the dolphins were busy having fun. 
Soon we came to some coral, endless colours, shapes and sizes. 
I’d never seen a place so beautiful and full of so many surprises. 

Image from Thinkstock / mihtiander

We soon came to a small clearing, hidden far from land.
Something caught my eye. It sparkled in the sand.
The horse waited for me while I went to have a look.
I saw that it was a silver chain with a pendant like a hook.
I rescued it from the sand and returned to the horse’s side.
I knew that this is what we came for, this necklace lost in the tide.

Image from traveltriangle.com

My companion took me back to where our journey had started.
It was a bittersweet goodbye when at the shore we parted.
I slowly walked back up the hill and I saw my Grandmother there.
She was smiling and waiting for me with a towel for my hair.
I handed her the bracelet and her eyes welled with tears.
“Your Grandfather gave this to me. I haven’t seen it in years.”
“I thought that it was lost, however did it get back to me?”
I think she already knew about the white horses from the sea.

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