The Adventures of Connal The House Plant – Episode III

The Adventures of Connal The House Plant are based on true stories. Iā€™ll leave it up to you to decide which parts really happened šŸ™‚

Connal woke up at the museum and spent the morning chatting with the museum plants. They were telling him about a television centre that was not far from them, where Michael Ball was going to be on the TV that night. Michael Ball just happened to be Connal’s Grandmother’s FAVOURITE singer so Connal thought that he’d pop over to the centre and see if he could get in.

When Connal got to the centre he discovered that there were a lot of very long queues to get inside. These were prospective audience members waiting to see if they could get in to see their favourite shows. This didn’t deter Connal because he was on a mission. He is a plant, so he went straight to the front of the lines, past the security check and into the television centre without being noticed.

The first room that Connal tried had a stage set up with a weird looking couch, a desk covered in random items and a man with a pretty terrible looking beard. He was talking to a much better looking man with a hand deformity and a short man with strawberry blonde hair. Connal thought that even though they might be interesting to talk to, they definitely weren’t Michael Ball and he should move on.

The next room that Connal went into was a huge studio set up like a brightly coloured shabby chic kitchen. He recognised one lady with short, dark red hair from other television shows that he had seen. When he realised that, standing right next to the red haired lady was his childhood pinup girl, he got very flustered. He hung about to watch her laughing and making jokes for a while before he continued on his mission.

Connal tried another much smaller studio this time. This room looked much more like it was for a small panel or interview show. There were a lot of camera people and producers walking around but Connal could see through all the feet some very shiny red shoes. He moved around the edge of the room to see who the shiny shoes belonged to. He was a very handsome man with dark hair. He heard someone mention “Queen” but Connal was sure that this wasn’t the Queen.

Connal heard someone mention Michael Ball’s name so this must be the right room! The man with the shiny red shoes did his interview and left. There was a lot of hustle and bustle as there seemed to be a new guest coming in. A short man with spiky, grey hair walked through the entrance to the studio to much cheering. This was not Michael Ball but Connal enjoyed his singing anyway.

After the crowd for the short, spiky man left, Connal thought that he had better get ready for Michael Ball. The little plant found a pen and a card. He wrote, Can I please have your autograph?, just in case Michael couldn’t hear him when he came. Because Connal is a plant, no one seemed to notice or mind when he perched himself next to the couch where the guests sit. Eventually, Michael Ball walked in a sat on the couch. He saw Connal sitting next to him and picked him up.

Michael thought that this was a very fine looking plant. He noticed the note that Connal had tucked within his leaves and gladly signed the card. Connal spend the rest of the evening watching Michael’s interview and listening to him perform. He couldn’t wait to tell his Grandmother what he had been up to.

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