The Adventures of Connal The House Plant – Episode II

The Adventures of Connal The House Plant are based on true stories. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which parts really happened 🙂

Connal meets the Queen and a very special man.

Connal woke up early on his second day in the new city. He wanted to make his way across to the other side of town where he had heard that there was a famous museum.

He said goodbye to the nice flowers in the art gallery and went on his way. He thought, because he had all the time in the world, that he would stop by the Tower of London. When he got there, however, he was very disappointed to find out that it was closed for the whole morning. Not to be discouraged, he made his way over to the entrance to see if he could just have a look. Connal is a plant, so the security at The Tower were not bothered when he went straight passed them. He paused on the drawbridge to look out onto the moat when somebody bumped into the back of him.

Mind your step, Mam.

It just so happened that the Queen was visiting the Tower that day for a ceremony and she had accidentally knocked Connal with her shoe. Her majesty looked down at Connal and smiled. She thought that he was a very handsome looking plant indeed.

After the Queen and her entourage walked by, Connal decided that it was time to leave before he got into trouble. He had to travel via Leicester Square to get to the other side of town to where the museum is. When he got to the Square, there were thousands of people and big barriers everywhere. Connal is a plant, so he snuck through everyone’s feet without drawing attention to himself and had a peek through the barrier. On the other side of the barrier were some very shiny shoes. Connal looked up and saw that these very shiny shoes belonged to Sir Ian McKellen. Connal was transfixed for a moment before he decided that he should move before he got trodden on.

Connal finally made it to the museum. The building itself was so beautiful and intricate and Connal couldn’t wait to see what wonders awaited him inside. There was an unusually long line and extra security today, but because Connal was new in town he was oblivious to this and just went in. Inside the entrance hall there was another very long line with some very excited people waiting in it. Connal is a plant, so no one noticed when he slipped to the front of the line and perched himself on a shelf. He found himself sitting right next to his hero and inspiration, Sir David Attenborough. Sir David just happened to be doing his last ever book signing at the Natural History Museum the day that Connal had decided to visit.

Dippy the Diplodocus, who lived here when Connal visited.

Connal spent the rest of his day watching Sir David sign books and shake everyone’s hand. Connal decided to stay over night in the museum with the other museum plants to discuss all their favourite documentaries.

To be continued…

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